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Engel Natur

Wool jacket | walnut

Wool jacket | walnut

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This lovely jacket from Engel is made of 100% organic wool fleece and feels luxuriously soft, which makes it extremely comfortable for your child. Thanks to the natural properties of wool fleece, it regulates body temperature and keeps your child dry and comfortable. Wool fleece is so fine that it does not itch, and the lanolin contained in it also makes the jacket dirt- and water-repellent. The lanolin in the wool fleece also has antibacterial properties, so frequent washing is not necessary. Simply hanging outside in the fresh air is often sufficient.

The coat is not only wonderfully soft, but also feels light and keeps your baby nice and warm. Wool fleece is also breathable and helps your child to regulate its temperature. Ideal for a sling or carrier.

This jacket is made of organic material, free of heavy metals and harmful AZO dyes. Moreover, it is GOTS certified, so you can be sure that you are purchasing an environmentally friendly and sustainable product.

This beautiful jacket from Engel has a roomy fit and is ideal for all seasons, especially spring and autumn. It will keep your little one comfortable and warm during milder days. When winter arrives, you can perfectly combine the jacket with an Alwero body warmer for extra insulation and coziness. This way your little one stays wonderfully comfortable, regardless of the weather.


- Wonderfully soft and warm
- Light weight
- Breathable
- Helps your child regulate temperature
- Ideal for the sling or carrier

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