The women behind Mano & Noa

We are Berdine and Joyce. Getting to know each other on the beach, playing with our children and it was love at first sight. Both up for an adventure, both with the same boundless energy, which is sometimes tiring for our partners and children, but in this case ideal, and both with an enormous passion for children and people in general.

  • Sustainability & purity

    We stand for sustainability and purity. For example, Berdine has her own clothing brand that is made in a studio in Katwijk. And we have wonderful brands that also find sustainability important.

    Joyce also works as a children's coach from her company 'Worden Wat Je Wil' and she likes to look at the topics that are going on in your home.

  • Inspire & honesty

    Our mission is to inspire parents and children. Inspire you to do what you enjoy most and what connects you most with yourself and your environment.

    Honesty is essential here. Fairness for the children, that there may be what there is, but also for the parents. To this end, we are setting up an exciting annual program in which we will engage experts. But more about this later!